We are Armed with a team of experienced guides and instructors. Our camp/resort provides the adventure and excitement of a truly exhilarating holiday set in some of the most spectacular scenery in Rishikesh on the river Banks.
Ojas Resort by Himalayan Outdoors is one of the finest resorts in the Dev Bhoomi Rishikesh. The resort is as calm and cool as Rishikesh is. You will never find a place as homely and enchanting like us besides the best amenities available for you. A wide range of facilities you look for during a family outing like the open area of one acre with 16 beautiful fully furnished cottages to choose from. We are having the best team from the hospitality industries to serve you. They provide you with the unforgettable and cherished stay at Ojas Resort. We as a team promise our clients to give an experience they can treasure it for a lifetime.
OUR VISION: Satisfying customer needs and keeps grooming further professionally and to start a chain of Ojas Resorts.
OUR MISSION: A lifetime experience for our clients. To provide an excellent service.