The headwaters of the Bhagirathi are formed at Gaumukh (elevation 3,892 metres (12,769 ft)), at the foot of the Gangotri glacier and Khatling glaciers in the Garhwal Himalaya. The Bhilangna itself rises at the foot of the Khatling Glacier (elevation 3,717 m (12,195 ft)) approximately 50 km (31 mi) south of Gaumukh. Trek through the Hindu villages, mixed forest and flowered meadows to an ancient impressive range of peaks and glaciers above the spectacular Khatling Glacier.



Detailed Itinerary

Day 01 :

Rishikesh to Ghuttu

Day 02 :

Ghuttu to Reeh (3.5-4Hrs & 10Kms)

Day 03 :

Reeh to Gangi (3.5-4Hrs & 12Kms)

Day 04 :

Gangi to Kharsoli(6Hrs & 15Kms)

Day 05 :

Kharsoli to Khatting Cave (4-5Hrs & 12Kms)

Day 06 :

Khatting Cave to Khatling Glacier & Chobia (6Hrs & 18Kms)

Day 07 :

Allow two days to return to Ghattu From Chobia

Day 08 :

Ghattu to Rishikesh