Floating past terraced farms of Kumaoni and Nepali villages, freshwater streams, sandy beaches, Passing through the spectacular native bush and planted the forest, this river trip takes you away from the urban world into a particular environment of pristine beauty and peace.

With plenty time of time in between rapids to enjoy the scenery and the company of your fellow rafters, it provides a true river journey experience.

The Kali-Sharda river, popularly known as “Kali” forms a natural border between India and Nepal in its upper reaches, flows through some of the scenic valleys in Uttrakhand, some of the best-known fishing spots like Pancheshwar come along its way before it finally flowing down to the plains.


Detailed Itinerary

Day 00 :

Board overnight from Delhi – Kathgodam leaving at 2245hrs.

Day 01 :

Arrive at 06:15hrs. Drive Kathgodam to Pithoragargh(07hrs). Overnight rest house. Views of Panchuli more than compensate for the drive.

Day 02 :

Drive from Pithoragargh to put-in at Jhulaghat(02hrs). Today we cover a stretch of 15kms, negotiating mainly class II rapids. And camp by late afternoon.

Day 03 :

We enter the gorge today. Pass Pancheshwar, the point where Kali meets river Saryu, coming from Pindari glacier, and forms Sharda. And camp below the confluence near Nidil village for relaxed afternoon.

Day 04 :

We continue in the gorge, River is pacy today as we negotiating series of class III rapids.Thick jungles and inhabited section greets us most of the day.

Day 05 :

Today, we raft for over an hour to Class IV Chuka rapid. Scout and raft down another hour to setup camp below Chuka.

Day 06 :

We begin to enter the terai jungles today with great white water and the chance of spotting a wild elephant. We reach Boom for the drive to Kathgodam.