Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) is one of India’s richest wilderness areas. The tiger reserve encompasses an area of 1288sq.Kms, which includes two Protected areas; Corbett National Park (520sq.Kms) and Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary (301.18sq.Kms) CTR today probably holds the second largest population of free living tigers in the world. Nearly 600 Asian Elephants (Elephas Maximus). Several endangered species such as :-

  • Tiger
  • Mugger
  • Gharial
  • Leopard Cat
  • Goral
  • Serow
  • Mahaseer
  • Deer- Sambhar
  • Spotted Deer
  • Barking Deer
  • Sloth Bear
  • Jackal
  • Jungle Cat
  • Yellow Throated Marten
  • Smooth Indian Otter

Vacation Details 

Duration: 02 Nights/ 03 Days


Detailed Itinerary 

  • Day 00 :
    Mid- night departure from Delhi.
  • Day 01 :
    Early morning arrival at the Ramnagar. Transfers made to the Kayari retreat, a beautiful village in the periphery of Corbett National Park. The national park surrounds the retreat.Check-ins made. Welcome drinks served. B/f served after freshening up. Before lunch guests can go in for a couple of activities like body surfing in the freshwater canal, rappelling and river crossing. Lunch served after the most exciting activity of the day, i.e., obstacle course. Evening at leisure for bird watching.Dinner and day concludes.
  • Day 02 :
    Early morning wake up call. Guests leave for there first wildlife safari after B/f. Safari finishes at around 03:00 PM and guests return retreat for lunch. The evening will be at leisure watching over 450 species of birds. Some guests can also go in for a visit to the nearby village. Dinner and day concludes.
  • Day 03 :
    Early morning wake up call. Guests leave for a more thrilling day to negotiate with another wildlife safari. Safari ends the afternoon. Lunch served. Departures made.