It’s worth thinking about those little extras that will make your holiday extra special. Here are a few tips we hope will make your journey a more convenient one!

These handy hints will help you have a safe and stress-free trip.

  • Ensure your passport is valid

    Leave plenty of time for processing if you need to renew your passport. Bear in mind some countries refuse entry if your passport is nearing expiry so contact the consulate for each country you are travelling to for exact details.

  • Check your visa requirements

    Visa requirements can differ dramatically between countries, so be sure to have the correct visa for each destination. Don’t forget to allow enough time for the visa to be processed.

  • Travel Insurance

    You can’t plan for the unexpected but you can minimise the inconvenience by taking out travel insurance.

  • Take relevant licences

    If you plan to rent a car, scooter, or any other vehicle while you are away, don’t forget your driver’s licence. In some countries, an international licence is also required.

  • Take copies of all documentation

    It is always a good idea to have some copies of your travel documentation (passports, visas, tickets) in case the originals are lost or stolen. Give a set to a family member or friend who’s staying at home and keep another set separate from the originals with you.

  • Take Passport size photos

    Many activities such as skiing require a photo for identification, so keep a few passport-sized photos of yourself handy.

  • Last minute check

    Before you leave for the airport make a last check that you have all your documentation with you, especially the most important – your ticket, passport and travel insurance.

  • Take some local currency with you

    You’ll need some cash as soon as you reach your holiday destination and it’s best to have some low denominations handy for tipping.

  • Take traveller’s cheques

    Take the bulk of your holiday money in traveller’s cheques. This is a safe choice as they will get refunded and/or replaced if they are lost or stolen. Remember to keep your receipts separate from the cheques as the receipts contain your traveller cheque numbers, and tell you what to do if you need to get a refund.

  • Cash your traveller’s cheques at a bank

    It’s best to cash your traveller’s cheques at a bank, as they usually charge less commission than hotels. Check the bank opening times as they often shut at lunchtime.

  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash

    Your holiday insurance will only cover you for a limited amount of cash so don’t carry large amounts about with you. Only carry what you need for the day, plus some traveller’s cheques or your credit card for emergencies. You should also be able to use your card to withdraw cash from machines – check with your bank before you go.

  • Use a safety deposit box

    If your hotel or apartment has a safety deposit box, use it! Keep your extra cash and traveller’s cheques safe. Avoid cash and card transactions while on holiday.

  • Wire money from home

    If you need money urgently, you can get some wired from home. Only use this as a last resort though as it is an expensive way of transferring money.

  • Get rid of loose change

    If you are lucky enough to have some money left at the end of your holiday, remember that banks and bureaux de changes will only change notes. Get rid of all your loose change while you’re away, or save it for your next trip!


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