Himalayan Outdoors specialises in adventure trips for schools. The trips are a combination of safe adventure with lots of fun and various educational activities. Over 2,000 students have benefited from our specially designed programmes.

About Our School Trips

Fun and learning: Our trips are a combination of fun and learning. Besides adventure activities, we also stress on educating students about the flora and fauna of the area, the local population, about the environment etc thereby giving them a comprehensive outdoor experience.

Safety: Safety is given utmost priority on our trips and we are proud of our safety standards. Our strict safety code of conduct, the state-of-the-art equipment and our qualified instructors ensure and maintain that our impeccable safety record.

Instructors looking after your children: Our outdoor team is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and we have overseas instructors visiting us every year, giving our team exposure to the ways of the adventure fraternity abroad. Each group is escorted by one of our team members for the journey from Delhi and back to Delhi. The instructor to children ratio is kept at 1: 8.

Equipment: We have state-of-the-art equipment including imported self-bailing rafts, imported helmets and life jackets. We also provide imported wetsuits in winters for rafting.

Eco-sense: Our efforts on environmental conservation include the use of solar energy. This involves using solar cookers and solar lanterns. Eco-friendly toilets and sensible disposal of camp litter are integral parts of our operations.

Medical aid: Our Outdoor team are certified and trained in First Aid/ CPR courses. Every year we have overseas instructors conducting refresher course. There are good hospitals and qualified doctors in Haridwar, Dehradun & Rishikesh which can be referred in case of an emergency.

Accommodation: Accommodation is in comfortable safari tents. The tents are all carpeted and equipped with cots/mattress/quilts and bio-friendly products.

Utilities: The toilets are fibreglass eco-friendly toilet units. There is running water facility in the utility areas of the camps.

Food: In spite of the remote location, we are proud of our menu and the various fresh items it offers. An ex Taj chef is in charge of our F& B services and we give top priority to hygiene while preparing the delicious food served in camp. It is generally a combination of Indian, Continental and Chinese food. Fruit and vegetables are obtained locally. We provide mineral water in the tents. The water in the dining area is boiled and filtered.

Location: Most of our school trips are based out at our Campsite in Rishikesh though we do organise school adventure trips to Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

Our School Adventures Portfolio

  • Adventure Education Trips (4 days/3 nights)
  • Leadership Programme (4 days/ 3 nights)
  • Teachers’ Programme (3 days/ 2 nights)

Adventure Education Trips (4 days/3 nights)

Discover the magic of the outdoors at the Himalayan Outdoors: Camp Gold Coast. A typical outdoor trip itinerary is a combination of safe adventure, fun and outdoor education. Till date, we have conducted over 50 school trips based out of our camp.


  • Easy rafting on the Ganges
  • Trekking/Rappelling
  • Kayaking on a placid stretch of river
  • Day hikes
  • Jeep Safari and cycling around Rajaji National Park
  • Bird watching/ Nature walk accompanied by a qualified naturalist
  • Outdoor Survival Skills session
  • Star Gazing session

Leadership Programme (4 days/ 3 nights)

Do your students have what it takes to be leaders in a pack, to be confident, to be strong decision makers?

The unique Leadership and Personality Development Programme gives your students a chance to develop themselves into leaders and understand the benefits of team working. This programme is especially beneficial to Prefects/ Students Council members and will provide them an opportunity to bond and to work together as a team and carry forward the torch of the school’s values.

This programme also aims to prepare them as they stand at the threshold of the most important phase of their lives– adulthood. It is directed towards developing and sharpening skills of decision making and leadership and offers students an opportunity to re-discover themselves in the outdoors.


  • A Qualified Facilitator
  • Main Topics covered:
    • Leadership Skills
    • Personality development
    • Team building and team working
  • Outdoor Sessions include:
    • Outdoor Survival Skills for leadership
    • Rafting/ Trekking for team building
    • Rescue Missions in the Wilderness for leadership skills & team building

Teachers’ Programme (3 days/ 2 nights)

Teachers are the ‘true’ leaders of the nation as they mould personalities of students who are future citizens of the country. To be successful in this endeavour, teachers should share a common vision for the school and students.

This 3-day programme offers to bring the teachers of a school together to make them one team going towards a common goal. It also aims to throw light on techniques to handle stress and to improve leadership qualities.

Highlights of the Programme:

Trained Facilitator to take up the following core issues:

  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Decision Making
  • Outdoor activities for Team Building


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