India is renowned for its natural beauty, adventure activities and friendly people. As you travel this fantastic country, you should feel as close to nature as you do to the locals… the real Indian experience. This is precisely what you get when staying at the best camping grounds with Himalayan outdoors. If you’re considering a camping trip to India, you’re in for a treat.

We operate seasonal base camp on the Ganges from September through June each year. Large Tents with cots, table and chairs safari showers and toilets ensure “Luxury Camping” in a pristine river setting of silver sand on the Ganges. These base camps are the nerve centre of myriad outdoor activities white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, rapping, rock climbing, bird watching, day hikes to nearby hill villages or a discourse on yoga by the bank of the Ganges.

Our goal is to create a campsite that mirrors our organization and familiarity of your home environment.

Himalayan Outdoors takes you through the following camps:

Camp Little Jaguar

Go tenting in the magnificent wilderness of Camp Little Jaguar. If you’re considering visiting Uttrakhand, this is a great place to stay on route.

Ojas Resort

Ojas Resort by Himalayan Outdoors is one of the finest resorts in the Dev Bhoomi Rishikesh. The resort is as calm and cool as Rishikesh is.