Your journey should open more than suitcases. If you are planning to go rafting, trekking, camping or just want to get some authentic Himalayan outdoor experiences then you are making the right choice when you allow the team at Himalayan outdoors to assist with your travel plans.

We offer the complete package. Not only will we provide guidance in choosing the right adventure we are then able to organize your accommodation and land transport throughout the country. We also offer you a number of day activities in key locations. It is a rare opportunity to open doors to exhilarating scenery and liberating experiences.

Our customers have a sense of adventure and share our passion for active travel, wild places, and conservation. We are hiking and outdoor adventure holiday specialist within the Indian Himalayan belt with adventures to suit everyone.

We are a small and passionate team who get real enjoyment out of matching you to the best possible experience whilst travelling in Himalayan range. We have a real passion that we love to share for active travel, wild places and their conservation. As avid trekkers, rafters, campaigners’ and "give everything a go" people we are able to use our own personal knowledge and experience to provide guidance on which adventures will ensure your travel expectations are exceeded.

Himalayan outdoors was found with deep passion and spirit of adventure in its lead outfitter and Managing Director PRATEEK KALIA. 

India's only ISO 9001:2008 Certified Adventure Tour Operators

Proudly Recognised By


  • Recognised Adventure Tour Operator with Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India
  • Recognized by the Department of Tourism, Govt of Uttarakhand.
  • A member of Adventure Tour Operators Association of India: ATOAI
  • A member of The Indian Association of Professional Rafting Outfitters: IAPRO
  • Member of the Himalayan Adventure Outfitters Association of India: HAOA
  • A member of Uttaranchal’s Finest Outfitters- A state Tourism Outfitters Association


  • Its obsession with safety
  • Its professional team
  • "Eco-sensible" approach to Adventure Tourism
  • Its understanding of corporate requirements
  • Camping in Comfort
  • Excellent Cuisine
  • Ability to successfully handle large groups
  • Its awareness of Social responsibilities


  • Co-Founder - Prateek Kalia
  • Director - Nikhil Golyan
  • Environmentalist - Mrs. Nalini Sharma
  • Director Administration - Hari Balodi
  • Chief River Guides / Trip Leader - Girish Gairola
  • Outdoor Activities Incharge - Brij Mohan


There’s no substitute for experience! Himalayan Outdoors only employs consultants, with years of experience in this most complex and dynamic of industries. Don’t waste precious hours researching something when we know how to do it for you efficiently in a fraction of the time. Our role is to deliver the best value travel experience, whatever your budget. We will look after all of your arrangements in one place so you don’t need to worry about the little details; that’s our job!


Our goal is to inspire and enthuse you about your travels. We want to ensure your experience with us is as much of an enjoyable journey and exciting process as actually being there; from our preliminary chat right through to when your adventure is over. When you return from your trips, we’ll ask what you enjoyed the most and we’ll continue to learn through your experiences.

Test the time and blast off... Rock the raft and glide with pride. Warm culture & hot Paddling