Rupin Pass is a high altitude pass across the Rupin river. It is a good hiking route which starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends in Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. This is an uninhabited location and is located in the Himalayan ranges at an altitude of 15250 ft (4650M) above sea level.. Rupin Pass trek consists of trails dug out of rock faces and wooden bridges, cut through deep dark folds in the mountain, glaciers and icy slopes, and over snowfields. Along the way, there are white Rhododendrons and expanse of green meadows.

Trip Schedule

  • Day 01 :

    Rishikesh(335Kms) to Netwar(1400mtrs)

  • Day 02 :

    Netwar(1400mtrs) to Sewa (2000mtrs) (5-6hrs, 17Kms)

  • Day 03 :

    (2000mtrs) to Jakhu(2650mtrs) (7hrs, 20Kms)

  • Day 04 :

    Jakhu(2650mtrs) to Upper Rupin Valley Camp(3200mtrs) (5-6hrs, 18Kms)

  • Day 05 :

    Upper Rupin Valley Camp(3200mtrs) to Waterfall Camp(3500mtrs) (3hrs, 10Kms)

  • Day 06 :

    Waterfall Camp(3500mtrs) to Kanda(3400mtrs) via Rupin pass(4540mtrs) (6hrs, 18Kms)

  • Day 07 :

    Kanda(3400mtrs) to Saugla(2650mtrs) (3hrs, 10Kms)

  • Day 08 :

    Saugla(2650mtrs) to Rishikesh(335Kms)