Khatling Glacier is moderate commencing from Ghuttu situated 62kms from Tehri. Tourist Rest Houses are available at Ghuttu providing accommodation and food. One can reach Kedarnath via Gangi, Khatling Glacier, Shastra Tal, Masar Tal and Vasuki Tal. But the trek becomes strenuous if you proceed ahead to Kedarnath from Khatling Glacier. Trek to Khatling glacier is an unforgettable experience as while trekking you will encounter mesmerising and mystical vistas of nature�s beauteousness and the enchanting Himalayan peaks.

Sahasra Tal is to the west and Masar Tal is to the east of the Khatling glacier. One can enjoy the natural and pictorial beauty of the Bhilangana Valley. The Jogin group, Meru and Kirti Stambha have the superlative view of the lynching glaciers and snow capped peaks.

Kedarnath to Vasukital for the first phase is a continuous ascent along a goat trek on grassy slope on the West Kedarnath. The view of Chaukhambha peaks and Mandakini valley is wonderful from here. The trek from Vasuki top is down hill for one km to the Vasuki Tal.

Vasuki Tal is about 1 km in radius with glittering clear waters by snow-capped peaks. From here to Paian Tal, north west of Vasuki Tal is about 1 km on rocky surface. The lake is more beautiful and at the bottom of the lake, one can see rectangular stack of rocks, as if placed there intentionally.

The whole trek is enclosed by stunning luxuriant green meadows and thick forest. The colour of myriad flowers is worth looking in the rainy season. There are small streams which have to be crossed by the trekkers with the improvising log bridges.

Trip Schedule

  • Day 01 :

    Reshikesh to Ghuttu

  • Day 02 :

    11Kms trek to Kushkalyani

  • Day 03 :

    25Kms drive to Malla. Further 9Kms trek to Silla Chhan

  • Day 04 :

    14Kms trek to Kyarki

  • Day 05 :

    14Kms drive to Paital

  • Day 06 :

    12Kms trek to Bhimtal/Taddindyar via Sahasratal

  • Day 07 :

    16Kms trek to Kalyani

  • Day 08 :

    11Kms trek to Kharsoli

  • Day 09 :

    12Kms trek to Chowki

  • Day 10 :

    6Kms terk to Khatling Glacier. In afternoon, return trek to Chowki

  • Day 11 :

    9Kms trek to Maraital

  • Day 12 :

    15Kms trek to Vasukital via Mayali Pass(5400mtrs), Panyatal and Teental.

  • Day 13 :

    8Kms trek to Kedarnath.

  • Day 14 :

    15Kms trek to Gaurikund.

  • Day 15 :

    215Kms drive back to Rishikesh.