Accommodation here in the deluxe safari tents. And the camp is known for its utmost emphasis on safety, efficient staff and excellent cuisine. The Camp promises you the thrills of outdoors and the spills of white water rafting in the Ganges.  

Toilets: Running water WC’s are in the common camp area.

Drinking Water: All water served is mineral water/ RO purified.

Meals: All meals are served under the main dining canopy/parachute. Generally, the timings are Breakfast 0800 hrs, Lunch 1330 hrs, Tea time 1630 hrs, Dinner 2000 hrs.

There could be a slight change in the timings which will be informed to you around the campfire every evening. Younger children can be served their dinner earlier on request. Please speak to the Camp Manager for this and inform him about the timing at breakfast.

Tents: Each tent has two beds, 2 chairs and a small table. The tents will have a 3rd bed on request for an infant or a small child. The lighting in each tent comprises of LED Lamps, and a fan is placed in each tent. In case of no power, please get in touch with the camp In charge of candles and matchbox. Please ensure you blow out the candle at night before retiring. This is very important! There is a plastic bottle in each tent filled with drinking water you are welcome to replenish the water bottle from the “Igloo” water container in the dining area.

Camp Activities: A few of your group who might have paid a basic package rate for either 1 rafting trip and/or camping and meals only with the option of choosing and paying for all other activities at base camp. For this basic package, the complementary activities are all the beach games. Beach Games Volleyball,  badminton and Frisbee are on offer as beach games.

Please book up and pay for additional activities at the “Activities Tent.” A rate list for the different activities is available in the Activities Tent. In order to achieve a delightful time for all and therefore for the smooth running of the operation we request you to follow the designated timings for the camp activities as close as possible.

Additional Activities

Take nothing but photos…..

Rafting: Is the main activity. Our professional guides will give a detailed safety briefing before you embark on a raft trip. Safety equipment buoyancy

aid, helmets, paddles etc, are all included Flatwater kayaking is offered in the relatively calmer waters of the bay area in front of the Camp. Morning and afternoon session timings are detailed for those interested in learning basics under guidance from our skilled instructors with necessary safety equipment. Do not kayak without first checking with the guide in charge/Camp Manager. For those with skills and inclination, you may request taking on the white water rapids in inflatable kayaks or “duckies.” These are fun and safe as long as you have a higher challenge threshold. Check with the trip leader on accompanying raft trips in an inflatable kayak. This is considered a separate category of the trip. There is an 80 ft cliff face on the opposite bank which we use as our rock face for rappelling activities. You will be briefed by our guides and will be kitted out suitably for the exercise. A 100 ft cliff, (15 mins drive and 30 mins walk away from camp) offers rock climbing challenge for some who have climbed before. Usually, in the children’s package, one rafting trip on the children’s stretch is paid for. Often on a 3 days/ 2 nights package it is possible to schedule only 1 children’s rafting trip after lunch on day 02.

However, should you like your child to repeat the same stretch on another day timings permitting you are welcome to make a booking at the Activities Tent. We would require a minimum of 6 children for the trip. Children must adhere to timings for the bay area activities and must follow all safety requirements


All vehicles will be parked on the road at Himalayan Outdoors: Camp Gold Coast. This is for the safety of your vehicle. Please ensure that your driver adheres to meal timings at the base camp/base ops. We assume that your accompanying Ayah has been charged the appropriate amount for staying in the guests’ tents and for dining at the table with the rest of the guests and children.

Use of Plastic

It’s a sandy beach! That cigarette butt may seem safely buried but its bound to show up again tomorrow or later today with the shifting sands! Please use the small earthenware pots in the parachute tents as an ashtray. Please throw all your bottle caps etc. into the dustbin. Please help us keep the beach clean so that you may walk on it bare-foot footloose and fancy-free!!

General Cleanliness

Above all peace and quietude!!

Apart from the thrill of the whitewater, we are also here for the experience of solitude and the proximity to nature. Please help us maintain low decibel levels in man-made sounds so that we might hear the spring on the opposite river bank, the barking deer and all those numerous birds chirping in the forest. Please sign this form as an acknowledgement that you have been through and understood these instructions. Have a pleasant stay and come back soon. Your feedback and suggestions are vital to us. Please feel free to write to our office in Delhi or leave a note behind at Camp should there be any suggestions from you.

Checklist of Items to Take along to Ganga Camp for Rafting

T-Shirts / shorts / lowers in winters (quick drying clothes for rafting). Change of clothes for the camp with one good wind shitter. Two pairs of shoes 1 for raft and 1 for Camp. Personal toiletries/towel etc provided. Toilet paper is provided, towels are not provided, please bring your own Sun Block, sunshade, and cap etc. Carry torchlight with an extra battery. Any personal medication (Ventolin inhalers etc) we provide only First Aid. Biodegradable soap/shampoo provided.

Expected Temperatures in Jan:

Night Time 10 to 12 Celsius

Day Time 28 to 32 Celsius