// Rafting

Rafting is one of the most exhilarating activities you can indulge yourself in. The speed, the sound of rushing rapids, the challenge, the thrill, will leave your heart pounding. Rafting is all about excitement, relaxation and teamwork. We like to embrace each rafting adventure at a leisurely pace to give you the time to fully appreciate the experience.

On your wild adventure’s you will enjoy multiple sensations ....as said earlier the exhilaration and thrill from nature's powerful forces at work, the whitewater and the respect that it commands; you will be in awe of the spectacular scenery that encompasses you throughout the journey, and you will relish in the contentment of achievement and fulfillment of personal and team challenges met and mastered along the way. White water rafting can be a dangerous sport, especially if basic safety precautions are not observed. Both commercial and private trips have seen their share of injuries and fatalities, our experts here at Himalayan outdoors ensures that you have a exciting thrilling and safe experience.

Test the time and blast off... Rock the raft and glide with pride. Warm culture & hot Paddling